Yes, ginger and salt help whiten teeth: here’s how to use them

To have a bright smile, it is important to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Unfortunately, recent methods and whiteness kits can be aggressive for dental enamel in addition to being expensive. It is for this reason that there is nothing better than a grandmother’s recipe for white and healthy teeth. To do this, Dr. Derek J. Chang praised two components: salt and ginger.

The whiteness of the teeth refers not only to a concern for aesthetics but also to good oral health. However, it is rarely at the center of the regular care that we apply. In order to prevent the yellowing of the teeth from being irreversible, it is important to use certain ingredients that help you maintain their whiteness.

This recipe made of lemon juice, salt, and ginger, natural and without chemicals will whiten your teeth!

An easy recipe to prepare

If several products such as coffee cause the appearance of stains or yellowing of teeth, others have exceptional virtues when it comes to making teeth healthier and whiter.

This easy to prepare recipe can be a real ally for your dental care. To take advantage of its many virtues, start by grinding ginger with a grater and then place it in a bowl. Add lemon juice and salt and apply this preparation once a week when brushing.

Benefits of ginger on teeth

Ginger acts as a powerful antioxidant, thereby relieving pain in the teeth and gum, especially in cases of inflammation. Some researchers  Iranians have demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects of this food similar to those provided by ibuprofen.

Benefits of salt on teeth 

It is not trivial to add salt to this natural recipe. Indeed, gargling with salt water is the most common method to avoid toothaches, and gum infections, by tightening living tissue. These are astringent qualities that are unique to salt.

Benefits of lemon on teeth 

Dr. Oz emphasizes the therapeutic qualities of lemon juice when used in dental care. Nevertheless, despite its whitening properties, it is important to use it in small doses because it could have an abrasive effect on your teeth!

Other foods that promote whiteness 

Many products can also be part of your routine for a bright smile. Dr. Steven  Lin recommends activated carbon, and he is not the only one to praise its merits! At the level of the teeth, it acts as a plaque reducer thus preventing the manifestation of tasks that can alter the quality of the smile.

Baking soda should also be an ally in your daily routine. Published by  The Journal of Clinical Dentistry,  a  study by researchers from the University of Indiana in the United States, strongly suggests that this natural product allows teeth whiteness in record time. However, be careful to use it in moderation to preserve the enamel of your teeth.

Finally, coconut oil also acts according to science in reducing dental plaques. A  study presents this oil as an excellent antibacterial.

Keeping teeth healthy 

The French Union for Oral Health recommends brushing your teeth twice a day and using dental floss and mouthwashes. From the age when the teeth are subject to several external attacks, it is necessary to make regular visits to the dentist.

Note that the aggressions concern as much a non-varied diet that does not provide enough vitamins to the body, as consumption of sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee.

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