The coronavirus crisis has changed the way society sees moms – you are heroines!

At the time of confinement, difficult to keep your cool. Between your bored children, your men who drown their dismay in front of their console, and you who are forced to manage with a master’s hand all the torments of the eight closed in family, nothing guarantees that everyone can get out of it unscathed. Truce of the second degree, being a mother in these times of health crisis is like a daily obstacle course. So, we dedicate this article to all the mothers, these heroines become kinds of Mary Poppins of modern times.

In the first days of confinement, you were full of good intentions. Like many, you saw in these difficult times the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your little tribe. After all, when all of this has passed and everyone has returned to their habits, at least you will have the memories of those few weeks spent rediscovering each other. Yes, but that was the first days.

A slightly (too) ambitious vision 

The hopeful super mom that you are was convinced that with a little will, everything would flow naturally. Your children will consider you the best teacher, your husband will thank Heaven for having you in his life, you will succeed in proving to your boss that teleworking will not affect your productivity in any way and you will be happy to satisfy this little one beautiful world. Yes, but reality quickly took over. Forced to lower your goals, you quickly realized that the organization requires everyone’s participation and goodwill.

After several weeks of confinement, you are forced to face the facts. You no longer communicate you grumble, you groan, you howl, and you can’t help it. After all, it’s not so much your fault, who could face so much pressure and keep their cool? Even a Tibetan monk will bow out.

Your little blond heads chain anger, you are forced to rediscover the history of France, to remember the Pythagorean theorem, to conjugate verbs in the past conditional and especially to face the harsh reality: your child has never was a misunderstood genius. You think of his teachers and you promise to thank them for showing so much patience and pedagogy at the end of confinement.

You are at the end of your tether, follow the video conferences in shirt and pajama pants in you, you find original ideas to pass the time, you prepare good little dishes, you reassure them, you console them and you do everything which is in power to be on all fronts. So, just for that, never let anyone underestimate you and never doubt everything you can do. You are a super mom, don’t forget!

How to better live with family confinement 

If there is no magic recipe for the perfect organization, there are some tips that can help you avoid arguments and signs of impatience. Establishing a daily and/or weekly schedule, taking breaks during the day, dividing the family chores, and involving the children, doing physical and creative activities are all tips that will facilitate cohabitation. And meanwhile, rest assured, one day, all this will only be ancient history!

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