Tea tree oil: 6 ingenious ways to use it that you can’t do without

The essential oil of tea tree, more commonly called tea tree, comes from Australian regions where the tea tree was mainly used by the Aborigines for its properties countering fever, congestion and colds. Today, its oil is recognized as antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal and is excellent for skin problems. It is just as ideal for beauty aficionados thanks to its purifying virtues. Let’s discover through this article an essential oil with a wide spectrum of uses.

This essential oil obtained from a  tree called Melaleuca Alternifolia remains a flagship product to have at home; and to better appreciate its preciousness, it should be noted its different uses below.

It prevents infections

To treat minor wounds, essential oil of tea tree is particularly effective thanks to its healing action. This study proves it and demonstrates that this oil would treat acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and accelerate wound healing. The treatment of these common infections owes its healing value to the antiseptic properties of these tea tree leaf extracts.

It contributes to the fight against bacteria

The oil would be particularly effective thanks to its capacity to assimilate to the lipids of the skin, which ends up acting quickly and effectively on infections. According to an in vitro study, tea tree oil has been shown to have an antifungal ability to inhibit the growth of certain fungi.

In addition, even if certain bacteria make resistance to antibiotics, the essential oil fights them while sparing the dermal flora. In addition, it treats a large number of pathogenic fungi. It should however be borne in mind that in the case of stubborn yeast infections, a doctor will be better able to treat the problem in depth by prescribing a more effective antifungal treatment.

It is effective against acne

Melaleuca alternifolia would be a good choice in the treatment of acne as much as benzoyl peroxide, the active ingredient found in the major part of anti-acne products. This is the conclusion determined by this study published in the  Medical Journal of Australia where it was the question of comparing a gel containing 5% of the tea tree and a lotion with 5% of benzoyl peroxide.

As a result, one is as effective as the other against acne. However, the side effects were less significant on the side of the essential oil. Indeed, its use generates less scaling, itching and the skin seems less to dry out.

It is effective against dandruff

Tea tree oil protects against dandruff. Indeed, and according to the conclusion of a study, a dose of 5% essential oil from this tree would slow down the action of a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale which often generates dandruff.

It acts against oral lesions

Medical treatment for tea tree oil would be effective against bacteria that cause oral damage, as shown in this study.

However, please avoid swallowing this pure essential oil as it is irritating and toxic unlike some toothpastes made from tea tree essential oil. The reason is that these contain a very low dose of tea tree.

It acts against lice

The substances contained in essential oil of tea tree would help fight the manifestation of lice as suggested by this  research  conducted on hair parasites.

Precautions when using tea tree essential oil

– First of all, you should know that this essential oil must be applied locally only and often diluted in other solutions before application.
– Avoid swallowing it as it may be toxic and irritating
– Be careful not to touch your eyes with this oil
– If you suffer from an open wound, prefer to contact your doctor before deciding to apply it.

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