Here’s how to look 10 years younger just with honey and lemon

If all women have one thing in common, it is the fear of aging. Watching for signs of aging with a real belly ball, women try to escape from this sad reality that catches up with them quite quickly. If aging is inevitable, there are a few tips to delay its impact on your physical appearance. Discover a rejuvenating mask that will allow you to fight against the signs of aging.

When faced with botox injections and other dangerous medical procedures, it is always best to use natural methods to avoid the health risks of your skin. Be aware at least that the appearance of the signs of aging can be favored by certain bad habits of daily life. Before presenting you with an extremely effective anti-aging mask, we will reveal the factors that lead to early skin aging.

These factors that promote the appearance of wrinkles:

Before you think about taking care of your face, you should be aware of these bad habits that damage your skin:

An unbalanced diet:

And yes, the content of your plate absolutely influences your whole organism! A diet rich in industrial products, sugars and fats will certainly not help you preserve your beauty capital. To have beautiful  skin , it will be necessary to favor fruits and vegetables preferably of organic origin. These contain antioxidant compounds that increase the skin’s resistance to pollutants and oxidative stress. You will also need to consume  proteins  and essential fatty acids found in oilseeds and fatty fish. These promote collagen synthesis and prevent skin aging.

Sleep disturbances:

According to  Ladan  Mostasghimi , professor of dermatology in the United States, sleep increases the  production  of collagen and blood flow. The specialist explains that the skin regenerates between midnight and four in the morning by increasing the synthesis of epidermal cells.

Lack of hydration:

The body is mainly made up of water. Dermatologist Nina Roos recalls that a  lack  of hydration can damage the quality of the epidermis. If the cells do not receive enough water, they can no longer perform their protective functions against various external aggressions.

Exposure to pollutants and / or the sun:

Exposure to stress, cigarettes or the sun are factors that trigger skin aging. According to  Nina Roos , the UV rays of the sun cause a deterioration in the quality of the dermis. Care must be taken to choose the correct sunscreen and avoid high exposure to the sun. In addition, the external environment is full of microbes and agents that irritate the skin. These microparticles penetrate the pores and degrade the skin. It is therefore essential to clean it regularly.

The rejuvenating mask:


-½ lemon

-A tablespoon of honey

Preparation and application:

Mix a tablespoon of honey with the juice of 1/2 lemon. Apply this mask on your face while massaging each area to deeply penetrate the ingredients. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse. Preferably, apply this mask in the evening before going to bed.

Benefits of the ingredients:

Lemon  is rich in vitamin C and  antioxidants , components that provide barriers to the epidermis against external aggressions. Indeed, an intake of vitamin C promotes the renewal of epidermal tissues and the synthesis of collagen. In addition, it helps protect the skin from the effects of UV rays, pollution and stress. Lemon also promotes wound healing and the reduction of skin inflammation.

Honey  contains many antioxidants. These help fight against free radicals that can affect the body and preserve the dermis against premature aging. Rich in natural sugars, honey deeply hydrates the epidermis. It helps to regenerate dry  and fragile skin  . Indeed, honey promotes sebum regulation and cleanses the pores. In addition, it restores elasticity and a natural glow to the epidermis.

According to a   scientific article , honey helps nourish the skin and combat the conditions caused by pathogens. Moreover, this elixir has properties  antiseptic and antibacterial. In addition, honey helps prevent harmful microbes from entering the body and effectively relieves skin infections.

Caution :

As lemon is photosensitizing, you should absolutely not expose yourself to the sun after applying this mask on your skin.