Confinement: “Leave the children alone!” “, Alerts a psycho-educationalist

Since the spread of the coronavirus began in December, the disease has infected nearly 2,600,000 people and killed 184,000. The toll has quickly increased, forcing governments to take drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus. Most countries in the world have imposed containment on their populations. In France, all schools and universities have been closed. This has created a rather unprecedented situation where, despite the distance courses, parents find themselves teaching their children. Asked about  Franceinter, psycho-educator Bruno Humbeeck begs parents to “leave their children alone”.

The containment imposed by the government to slow the spread of the coronavirus overnight shook the lives of millions of French people. Schoolchildren are now forced to take distance courses with the only adult presence of their parents who find themselves to be budding teachers. Psycho-educator Bruno Humbeeck wishes to advise parents who find themselves in this position which is unknown to them, and which can sometimes become frustrating.

Apprentice teachers

Confinement obliges, the lessons of the children take place at home on all the French territory. This creates fairly new proximity between the parents and children during their lessons. Asked on the program ” Grand Bien Vous fait ”, psycho-educator Bruno Humbeeck made a rather special speech. For the researcher in family and school pedagogy at the University of Mons, it is above all a question of “leaving them alone (note when talking about children)”. He explains: “How can you motivate your children to study while being confined? Teaching is an act of transmission and in this situation, it is the adult who must be motivated. For the teacher, the motivation to transmit comes from his status. For parents who are confined to the house, it is more complicated: this is why some may be pushed to push their children. “

“Class at home”

For the educational psychologist, a classroom and the house are two places with very distinct roles. To confuse the two is therefore a mistake for Bruno Humbeeck. He develops: “Parents must stop going to the performance field. This risks being counter-educational. They also shouldn’t go on studying new content because it can go wrong. They don’t know how to do it ”. But what should parents do? The researcher responds that it is first and foremost necessary to “take care of our children” in this time of confinement, but also to trust the “educational community that puts great things in place”.

A “vacation” period

For those who are worried that their children will spend too much time in front of the screen, Bruno Humbeeck would like to remind you that this period remains a “parenthesis” and in a way a “vacation” for our children. In this context and for the family pedagogy researcher: “pedagogical continuity is not the priority. There, we have to make peace between us because we live on top of each other. We must respect everyone’s territory, including that of children ”before continuing:“ And if your child is addicted to screens, leave him alone! ” Indeed in this period of crisis, the screen constitutes what could be an escape for children.

Gradual return to school

May 11 is the date for the start of deconfinement announced by Emmanuel Macron. The reopening of the schools will be done gradually with a priority given to the “youngest” according to a press release from the Élysée cited by the  Parisian. It should be remembered that going back to school will in no way be compulsory and will be done on the basis of “parental volunteering”.

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