Warts are unsightly growths that resemble benign swellings of the skin. Affecting 5 to 10% of the population, they are generally caused by an infection with papillomavirus. Sometimes the warts go away overnight for no particular reason but in some people, this unsightly problem can last for several months. Discover a garlic tip to eradicate your warts.

Warts are one of the most frequent reasons for consultation with dermatologists. This condition is generally mild and does not cause any particular complications. As Dr.  Fabien Guibal , dermatologist at the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris, indicates, “a wart is the product of abnormal proliferation of cells in the superficial part of the skin”. Due to papillomavirus infection  , warts interfere with their unsightly appearance but often remain painless. Although their treatment can be spread over time, forcing people who undergo these growths to get impatient, some natural solutions have been proven to reduce warts.

Types of warts 

There are several  types  of warts:

Common warts 

Often contagious, common warts are rough and usually develop on the hands and fingers. They can be bothersome but usually don’t cause any pain. 

Filiform warts 

These warts are generally found on the face, around the mouth or on the neck. 

Flat warts 

Dark pink in color, these warts are usually found on the forehead, hands or fingers.

Plantar warts 

As their name suggests, these warts sit on the soles of the feet and can hinder the patient’s progress.

Venereal vegetation 

Also called “rooster crests” or even condyloma acuminata, these warts have the distinction of being recurrent. They appear on the sexual organs and are transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Garlic: an ally against warts

The Garlic  belongs to the family Alliaceae, like onion, shallot or chives and leeks. Considered a superfood, garlic surprises with its abundance of micronutrients. Franck Senninger , nutritionist and author of  Garlic and its benefits , indicates that the antioxidants contained in garlic “counter aging by capturing the toxicity of oxygen”. Thus, this condiment preserves the cells of the organism from the harmful effects of free radicals. Thanks to the allicin with which the garlic abounds  acts as “a sulfur compound antibacterial, anti-infectious and which fights the viruses”. According to a  scientific study  published by The International Journal of Dermatology , applying garlic extract to plantar warts would eradicate this problem in just one to two weeks.

How to use this garlic remedy 

To use garlic on a wart, first chop or mash the condiment to get a pasty texture. Then add a drop of essential oil and place this mixture on the  warts . Cover the affected area with an adhesive bandage for 7 hours (overnight). Upon awakening, wash the affected area with warm water. This remedy is to be used every night, until your warts disappear.

Other solutions to remove warts 

Natural alternatives have been proven to eliminate these unsightly growths

–  Tea tree oil 

This product has the advantage of having properties antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Thus, the scientists found that tea tree oil could fight against a number of skin infections.

–  Aloe Vera

For centuries, Aloe Vera has been used as a natural remedy to fight against various skin conditions. According to a  scientific study, this product improves the skin barrier, fights bacteria and fungi, and promotes the healing of certain lesions.

–  Pineapple

Pineapple contains bromelain, a blend of enzymes with many properties. Thus, a  study in vivo carried out helped to highlight the potential of bromelain to fight against skin papillomas.

‘  Propolis 

Produced by bees , propolis boosts the body’s immune defenses and fights against fungal and viral infections that can appear on the skin . As the researchers indicate, this ingredient has been used to treat plantar warts in almost 75% of affected patients.


The consumption of garlic is not recommended for people who suffer from a blood disease, who are taking anticoagulant treatments. Likewise, it is forbidden to ingest this condiment before surgery.

In the case of anticoagulant treatment, avoid consuming pineapple without taking the advice of your doctor.