By respecting the barrier gestures which consist, among other things, of cleaning our hands regularly with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel, our hands suffer and are severely tested. And for good reason, they are damaged, dry and sometimes even have crevices. This very intense drought affects both caregivers and citizens. To overcome this inconvenience, the best is to moisturize them carefully. Here is a natural recipe that will give your hands real comfort and a second youth.

In this time of health crisis, where the  Covid-19  is wreaking havoc around the world, anxiety and worry reign. The most urgent thing to do now is to protect yourself against the deadly virus and to do this, everyone must respect the barrier gestures. Hand cleaning is one of them and remains an essential gesture and not the least.

Disinfecting hands is a defense gesture

The recommendations of the World Health Organization are clear: hands should be washed regularly with soap or cleaned with hydroalcoholic gel. But it is also recommended to disinfect the whole house including, among other things, the floor, the toilets or even the door handles. To this end, several disinfectants are used, in particular, bleach as an example and which is particularly irritating for the eyes and the respiratory tract as well as for the hands.

According to Doctor  Anne Marie Heudes , Dermatologist, because of the cleaning of the hands which becomes particularly aggressive for the skin, certain advices are to be taken into consideration to safeguard its softness:

– You should try more often to soap your hands rather than using hydroalcoholic gel
– The best is to use mild soap without soap, generally sold in pharmacies or parapharmacies
– Hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory when you are outdoors, you need to nourish your hands with a moisturizer.

The doctor says: “Applying a fatty substance will not lessen or cancel the antibacterial effect of washing”. Just wait until the skin becomes dry to handle other objects.

Also to preserve the softness of the hands, the first reflex would be to moisturize the skin after each visit to the sink. And for a more effective result, it is necessary to also apply the moisturizer in the evening before sleeping. This will allow time to act effectively and deeply on the skin of the hands which is also very thin. To this end, vegetable oils are particularly nutritious and rich in fatty acids and act as a protective film.

A natural recipe based on vegetable oils to rehydrate the skin of the hands

It is well known that the sensitive skin of the hands is the first to be the victim of external aggressions and therefore becomes dehydrated and weakened. Also, natural alternatives can bring softness and comfort to your hand’s thanks to restorative vegetable oils. Here is a natural recipe to hydrate and repair your skin and treat chapped and damaged hands. In this case, prefer healthier organic oils.


– 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
– 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
– 3 tablespoons of shea butter
– 2 tablespoons of borage oil
– 10 drops of essential oil  geranium roast
– 1 glass jar previously disinfected


– Melt the coconut oil and shea butter in a bowl in a double boiler;
– Add sweet almond oil and borage oil;
– Incorporate the drops of essential oil afterwards then mix everything;
– Pour the mixture into the glass jar and let cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour;
– When the balm is sufficiently solidified, whisk it with a fork so that it acquires a creamy texture.
– Store it in a place protected from heat and light.

Other tips for preserving your hands

– Wear gloves for household chores
– Wash your hands with lukewarm water which is gentler on the skin
– Dry your hands properly after washing
– Use a mild soap to wash your hands
– Scrub the hands once a week to remove dead skin